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Toning Rocker Shoes

Improve your posture thanks to rocker shoes from Lafayette Family Foot Care in Lafayette, Indiana. We provide rock and roll on your feet and continue to inform our patients about these types of shoes. Athletic shoes now claim to tone your legs, strengthen your core, and improve posture.

Toning Shoes

Some of these claims might be right on the money, but before you put down the big bucks for the newest fad in shoes, you may want to have more information. There are actually several different types of shoes that may employ some instability or a rocking motion.

All about Rocker Shoes

Mild rocker shoes aren't meant to improve posture or balance, but they reduce strain on the heel and toes by allowing you to roll normally with each step. Unstable rockers have an unstable heel designed to force you to change your center of gravity and posture to stand up straighter.

Shoes - Rocker Shoes

Medical Shoes

Stable and medical rockers are great for reducing certain motion in the toe joints or off-loading pressure from a particular area of the foot. Podiatrists prescribe these to treat arthritis, pain in the ball of the foot, diabetes, and plantar fasciitis. They are also prescribed after surgical procedures.

Designed by a Swiss engineer and called Masai Barefoot Technology, the original rocker bottom shoes mimicked the rolling motion from heel to toe that the Masai people typically have in their barefoot gait. Once these shoes caught on, other shoe companies followed with their own toning footwear. In fact, toning shoes are the fastest-growing shoe category since the 1970s.

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